10/26/07 Imaging Comet 17P/Holmes 15mm lens camera on my chin laying flat on the deck floor. Full Moon Orchard Park, NY

3/6/05   Beaver Meadows Observatory   Corvus Rising

4/13/05   Hermitage,NY   Buffalo Light dome (35 air miles away to NorthWest),
RedLights right are the Wind Turbines at Weathersfield Hill.   

2/20/06   Beaver Meadows Observatory   North Java, NY (25 air miles away from Buffalo)

10/28/05 Tony and Dave at New Mexico Skies Guest Observatory   30" f5

11/3/05 Me 30" f5 NMS

2/6/05 Mike Israel at BMO chasing comet Machholz. Shows the Buffalo Light Dome to NW

Chasing comet Machholz

1/27/06 Cherry Springs State Park   light Dome NW Coudersport, North airport light (of 5/06 is now off!)

3/22/06     New Mexico Skies Guest Observatory (Camera on wood rail with a rock)

5/29/05    Rainbow Orchard Park, NY

Beaver Meadows Observatory-Chasing comet Pojamanski In the morning

1/21/06    Windmills Weathersfield, NY

2/1/05 Windmill Weathersfield, NY

4/28/06 Boone Run Vista   1.5 miles southeast of CSSP. Looking north at the 2
red towers. Seen due south at Cherry Springs State Park . Perfect horizon north to south.

5/8/06 Waiting for moonset to take advantage of 20minutes of darkness to shoot comet 73P S-W going by M57.

5/8/06 After moonset 20seconds exposure.

4/26/06 Buffalo Light Dome from Hermitage, NY