7/9/05 Aurora

9/7/05   Just before the AM twilight.   I skipped school at Buffalo State to
extend my stay at    Cherry Springs State Park for the 5th night. Unfortunetly
I missed Dr Vermette 's talk in class on Auroras for his Artic Geography
course. That AM we had one!!!   Convienent huh?

5/15/05    The skies just cleared in Orchard Park ,as a nice breeze developed
off lake Erie.    3:45-5am. This aurora was so intense it moved south between
Altair and Vega.   I'm sure this aurora would have been the best of this solar
max from a dark site. As twilight was very deep in the east the west remained
intensly bright. I heard little talk on news groups online about this huge
display ? I 've seen many auroras this past solar max from dark locations and this
one was the best I 've seen   even from my vey light polluted house.