10/26/06   Brightening of Comet M4 Swan 4th magnitude Beaver Meadow Observatory North Java, NY   EOS 20D 135mm f2

10/26/06   M13 and Comet Swan   clouds moving in..

10/2/06   Hermitage, NY   Comet Swan Mag 7, 5* above NE horizon in the zodiacal light EOS 20D 135mm f2

8/2/06   Comet 177pBarnard -Seen Left, Hercules "KeyStone" M13 lower right Hermtage,NY 135mm EOS 5D

8/5/06   Comet 177pBarnard   8.4magnitude   Moonset was 1:28am,at that time Hercules was only 35* high and setting towards the Buffalo light dome.
Hermitage, NY 135mm   EOS 5D

4/20/06  Comet 73P Schwassman/Wachmann  passing Alpha CRB   "C" and   "B"   "G"   "R" 135mm EOS 20D Hermitage NY

4/26/06    stacked on the comas. 135mm EOS 20D Hermitage NY

4/28/06   Passing By M13   CherrySprings State Park 135mm EOS 20D

5/7/06   Toward M57   135mm EOS 20D Hermitage NY

5/8/06   Passed By M57 At 11Pm. Shot At 4am At Hermitage NY For 20minutes Of
Darkness After Moonset Before Am Twilight.  Lyra. 135mm EOS 20D

1/2/05 Comet Machholz sequence from Beaver Meadows Observatory   North Java NY
-center- blue/green spot- First shot with new EOS 20D

1/15/05 135mm EOS 20D

RT77 North of I90 Buffalo and Niagra Falls light domes (Left, right)

1/27/05 passing the Double Cluster Four days sequence





3/4/05    passing polaris

3/9/05    closest to Polaris

4/9/05    passing 4236 in Draco  -Cherry Springs State Park PA

5/9/05 in bowl of Ursa Major   caught the NOSS triplets! - Cherry Springs State Park PA

3/5/06 Comet Pojmanski Beaver Meadows Observatory 135mm EOS 5D

3/5/06 Pojmanski Wide Beaver Meadows Observatory 70mm EOS 5D

3/7/06  Comet Pojmanski   Large contrast boost!   GC 6934 right..tiny!Beaver Meadows Observatory 135mm EOS 20D

2/28AM/06 Comet Pojmanski   In morning twilight low in east.    Beaver Meadows Observatory