12/26/07 Still naked eye comparable to the brightness of M31 now. Lucky to have a 30minute break in the lake effect clouds before 7:50pm moonrise. M34 above EOS 5D 135mm f2 Orchard Park, NY

11/27/07 7pm Comet 17pHolmes Shot before moonrise at 7:45pm Still naked eye and very impressive! -Compare the image from 10/24 below, shows the expansion- EOS 20D 50mm Orchard Park, NY

11/13/07 10:15pm Comet17pHolmes Coma expanding becoming diffuse,low surface brightness

11/10/07 Comet 17pHolmes and its detached tail faint blue smudge right. Alpha Perseus top and Melotte 20. EOS 20D 135mm Hermitage, NY

11/10/07 Seven days of clouds and finally clear! Coma larger/Surface brightness decreasing. same 30s exposure

11/3/07 Comet 17pHolmes shows 4 FAINT blue ion tails from the 12o'clock- 5o'clock position. EOS 5D 135mm f2 Cherry Springs State Park, PA

11/2/07 12am Comet 17PHolmes first image in sequence with no moon in the sky (Last Quarter)

10/31/07 12am Magnitude 2.0, Coma 25' increasing

10/30/07 2am Comet 17P/Holmes 28 hours later. Coma continues to expand.

10/28/07 10pm Comet 17P/Holmes Coma continues to expand.

10/26/07 2:45am Comet 17P/Holmes 24hours later, coma has increased by a third. Full Moon!

10/25/07 2:45am Comet 17PHolmes Well placed in the sky overhead. prime focus TeleVue 102 EOS 20D

10/24/07 9pm Comet 17P/Holmes Bright naked eye mag 2 in Perseus. Visually with TV102 88x distinctly copper color,stellar with tiny round coma. Nearly full moon out. EOS 20D 50mm Orchard Park, NY